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Looking for Advice on Interview

by rainbowdream rainbowdream (New) New

Hi everyone!

Nursing aide here has clerical qualifications for a job but CNA expired. There don't seem to be any other qualified candidates stepping up to the plate as of yet. Those in power to hire seem open and willing to show me around, yet I know not having the CNA is a downfall. I also know they must be cringing as my last management ripped me to shreds even though I have had glowing reviews through over 15 yrs of employment. I also have loads of support from others I worked with. I want to get the CNA but I also want to have a little time to maybe ease into the job to be comfortable with it as I haven't done that part for a while. Does anyone know the rules as to how this works and would I be able to get some type of grace period to obtain that while somewhat learning on the job in the new position? (The new position would be a combo of the clerical and CNA work). Thanks for any help!

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