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Hello, I'm a new grad in Los Angeles and like everyone else I'm having a super hard time finding a job. I have an interview tomorrow at a long term acute hospital. It's like a hospital, they have... Read More

  1. by   dienne
    Thank you! It's great to get advice from you experienced nurses. I do have a lot to learn and it would be a good learning opportunity. I was just scared that it wasn't gonna be a good way to start my career because it's not short term acute care but I guess I was very wrong!
    Let's hope I can get the job!!! After months of job hunting I'm so ready to start my nursing career.

    Thank you again.

    Quote from canchaser
    Get the LTAC experience. I started there then launched to critical care. You get a strong foundation in all aspects of nursing, organizational skills and you see a gamet of meds not just cardiac. Great experience. Once you get in there it can help you decide your next career move ie wound care nurse, critical care nurse, manager charge nurse, case management, intake coordinator. All these positions utilize nurses. This is a great place to start.