MDS nurse in LTC facility looking for an Acute hospital

  1. hi everyone,

    I am a RN in a long term care facility, worked in the floor as a charge nurse and a RN Supervisor for a year, then was trained to be a MDS Coordinator for the MDS 3.0. I graduated 2007, BSN in the Philippines. Just migrated in the US 2009, since then I've been looking for a job opportunity in the Acute Hospital, but not lucky enough to get even a call from the recruiters. Some said it's because I'm applying for a new grad position and I'm not eligible due to my graduation year. Somebody help me please? I really want to work in the Acute!

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  3. by   MegRyanGirl
    I am in a very similar position to you. I got my BSN in 2006 and worked on a vent unit in a long-term acute care hospital as an RN ofr 3 years. Also worked as an MDS coordinator for a few months while working at the other facility. Had to leave both jobs because I had to take care of a family issue. 4 months later, I started looking for a job again, since the facilities where I worked already filled the positions. Have been looking for a Med/Surge type position at an acute care hospital. I get interviews every so often, but almost always get the answer that I need acute care hospital experience, and that my long-term acute care is not good enough. I don't know what to do!!:uhoh21: For example today, I had an interview at an "experienced RN open house" where they knew my background, and invited me anyway. The younger recruiter was positive about me starting, while the older recruiter was saying that my long-term acute care experience was "just not the same" and didn't feel I would be able to jump in and do the work right away.
    What can I do to get some acute care experience and make myself more marketable? I just need a little umph to my resume to make me desirable. I asked about volunteering as an RN, but was told it's not possile due to liability issues. Is taking classes helpful? If yes, what type of classes? I am already in graduate school for NP. How about certifications? Internships/externships sound good but those are for nursing students and people like myself who are already licensed are not accepted. Any suggestions please???
  4. by   DNS on the go
    It is very hard for new nurses to get jobs. It is even hard for experienced nurses to get jobs. The future is going to be worse as budget cuts will cause hospitals and LTC/HH to tighten up on staff. It is a do more with less world. As a foriegn nurse, I assume you have bedside clinical experience as a nurse. Try your hand at rehab hospitals or work in the sub acute unit of your SNF. You need to build up your skills as you have been out of school for 4 years. Doing MDS will not enhance your marketability to acute care hospitals. Questions to ask your self...Do you want to go to acute care? If Acute care is it, what are you willing to do to get in? Are you willing to move or relocate? Are you willing to volunter? Are you willing to go through a nursing residency?
    Are you happy in LTC? Are you happy doing MDS? You may not realize it but you are lucky to have a job in these tough times. LTC is not fun and the wages and benefits are poor but it is a job. The nursing shortage is over and most likely will not be showing up again for a very long time. I am in NYC so I can tell you it is really tight job tight you are lucky to get a job in LTC or HH. It is even hard to get daycare or AL which used to go begging for staff. It is a buyers market. While the facilities need the staff, budget will not allow for hiring staff. In NYC, staffing is so tight, that even replacing departed staff is tough to do. The money is not flowing and more serious cuts are coming.
    Good Luck.