Long Island Nursing Programs


Hi guys! I'm looking for some info as I have been out of school for a few years and I know things are constantly changing.

My sister is looking to apply to a Nursing Program. Unfortunately, she has been in Suffolk Community since high school and didn't do so well. I guess we have all been young and dumb. Her GPA is a 2.8. She since became a nursing assistant and has become passionate about nursing. She'll do anything to get into a program.

It almost seems like now she's too far gone to go to nursing school though. With a 2.8 and Suffolk Community doesn't seem to be giving her any direction, she wants to get out. She wants to apply to Adelphi or Molloy, she knows that she wont get into the Nursing Program, but as a general transfer student. She'll then take her pre-reqs and get her GPA up and later apply to Nursing, and hopefully get in! (She does know that this is a risk of course and if she doesn't do well, she wont get it).

I contacted Adelphi about going this route and they said they don't let internal transfers to the Nursing Program and just recommended that she keep working on her GPA and then apply. I'm waiting to hear back from Molloy.

I remember when I was in nursing school, it seemed like plenty of people did this. Of course, I didn't know everyones specific GPA and circumstances but I feel like it happen often. Now, it's not allowed? Can anyone recommend any other paths that might work that I'm not thinking of?

It seems like she wants to leave Suffolk, but they kind of revamped their admissions process. Their claim is that 75% of whether or not you're accepted into their program is the TEAS test. The other 25% is classes that you can take before the program. If you don't take those classes, you will have to take them during the program. But of course, every point counts. The classes include A&P 1 & 2, Microbio, History, etc. Now, she HAS to study for the TEAS test. I've known a few people who went in not studying, and they only scored proficient. Proficient makes you eligible to apply if there are spaces left. However, don't aim for it. Aim for Advanced or Exemplary because both give you points to get the 75%. Exemplary is the best, and at the information seminars, it's been mentioned that getting Exemplary is an automatic acceptance into the program. I believe that's anything more than a 90%. Getting an Advanced score gives you a good chance of being accepted, but it's not guaranteed. There's a thread on here where someone mentioned that they applied with an 84% on the TEAS but weren't accepted, so she should definitely purchase the workbook or borrow it from the library to prepare. Also she should aim to take it once. Taking it twice will penalize her for a point or two.

Now with the 25%, good grades will give additional points. So an A I believe is 4, B+ is 3.5 (etc) and a C is 2. But repeating A&P or Micro will deduct a point. I thought I had it all figured out from the way they explained it to me, but it would probably be best if she went to the info seminar. If you're interested, I can copy and paste how I believe they come up with their rubric score. It's lengthy though.