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Lone Star College LVN Program Fall 2020

by ladyrayray ladyrayray (New) New

🌻 Hey yall, I'm Rachel (21)! I'm starting this thread because I haven't seen any updated discussions about Lone Star's LVN program recently. I just submitted my application (Montgomery, Kingwood.)

fingers crossed 😩🤞

💫 Some topics we could talk about:

  • What did you get on your HESI?
  • Have you submitted your application yet (deadline 6/12)?
  • What are your concerns about how COVID-19 pandemic will affect nursing school?

9 hours ago, YCopeland said:

Did you get accepted?

Yes. I got accepted into the Montgomery program. My score was a 7.6

What about you?

Congrats! I can't wait for my day to come. I have quite a ways to go. In January I'll be taking A n P class and once I'm done, I wanted to take my HESI and hopefully I can bring the application process. I have a question about the immunization shots. Did you start the heb B series? And where did you go for your shots?