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Hi everyone,

I'm currently taking prerequisites for the fall 2022 nursing program. I'm currently taking online classes from Tomball but want to take the nursing program at CyFair, how would I apply for CyFair and not Tomball? Also any other advice related to admissions is greatly appreciated!



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Hi, I just submitted my application today for three campuses. When you submit the HESI scores, ferpa, advising transcript, and titer, they will then give you access to the application and the option to number the campuses you want from 1 to 4. If you only want to apply for one or two schools they give you the option as well. Hope this helps! 

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I’ve been creeping through this website since 2017. I finally got my stuff together and hope to apply for this fall.

As Charlee mentioned before, you do have the option to apply to one or all campuses.

You can also upload all the required documents, sign, and save the application to submit later. If you need to re upload documents you can go back and do so. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to make any changes to the uploaded documents after you’ve submitted your application. So just make sure everything is correct  before submitting.

Good luck!

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Hey y’all! I’ll be applying this Fall too. Just waiting for my GPA to be corrected (There’s a transfer credit issue that they have to manually fix if you transfer credits in)

My Stats:  HESI: 92.8, Score: 7.71

Applying to Cyfair and NH so far. 
Any recommendations on other good campuses to prioritize? I’m from out of state, so they all look the same to me😅


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@Charvs I applied for the Fall 2022 program too, would you know when will the results be coming in?

Thank you!



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@Aprildgs I believe they should be coming sometime in may


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@Charvs thank you for your reply!