2018 Lone Star ADN Hopefuls - Spring


Hey there!

I wanted to start this page for anyone who is applying for the Spring 2018 Lone Star ADN or LVN program! I've seen previous posts, from previous years, and everyone was really helpful and encouraging to one another.

I am taking A&P 1 over the summer (starts 7/13) and then I will be submitting my application!! Im so nervous. I already took the HESI and got a score on 90.8%, which gives me and 3.6 on the point scale. I have an A in Eng 1301 and hope to get an A in A&P this summer.

In the fall I am taking A&P2 along with Micro (ugh). So if anyone else is in the same boat, let me know!!!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from everyone :)


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Hello! I'll be applying next week for Kingwood! I'll be applying with a 7.376, so I hope that score will be worthy!

Last semester I was taking A&P2 and Micro and it proved to be really tough, so I dropped Micro and will take it again in the Fall, so good luck!


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Hey Liz! I didnt realize I posted this twice. If you look in the Texas forum, this same post is there with a lot more people interacting!!

P.S. I think your score is great!! You shouldnt have a problem getting accepted with that!