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Good morning ladies and gentleman, my name is Richard and I'm currently working as an EMT in the medical field and i had a few questions about Loma Linda Nursing programs (graduate + undergraduate) As of right now I'm about to apply for the upcoming spring cohort and all my grades would lead to an acceptance (3.7 GPA + work experience) Loma Linda runs about 36k a year, which is steep compared to come ADN programs or state BSN. My questions is what advantages do you receive from attending Loma Linda? I do understand the Seventh Day Adventists tend to take care of their kind if that makes any sense... Also my eventual goal is to become an NP or a CNS, which Loma Linda has both programs.

Other Questions if anyone can answer:

1. how rigorous was the BSN at Loma Linda?

2. is Loma Linda graduate nursing worth it?

3. Overall experience at Loma Linda?

4. Admissions process?

5. could you find a job after graduating?

6. did the overall program run smoothly?

7. what GPA, and experience did you have when you got accepted?

i apologize for the long questions and narrative but this is a really important step in my life and i want to make the best decision possible :)

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