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Loewenberg College of Nursing(LCoN Fall 2020 University of Memphis)

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by Kabdel Kabdel (New) New Student

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Hello Everyone,

Wanted to start a discussion for LCoN Fall 2020 applicants. I am a student at SW and will graduate in May 2020 with a A.S. . 
I applied to LCoN and currently have a pending course  in A &P 2 and Statistics that I will be completing this Spring 2020 at SW. I am giving it a shot and applying , although I heard LCoN looks at everyone that finished all Sciences first, I spoke to them and was still encouraged to apply because everything is based on the type of applications and there have been semesters where they have accepted  a pending course during the time of application , but by entry Fall 2020  I will have finished all  prerequisites and General ed. requirements . I dont mind sharing my stats. I have a current 4.0 Science GPA and a overall GPA of 3.94 at Southwest Comm College. Any advice or experiences with this process would love to hear! Good Luck to everyone! 

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