LNC mentoring program


I am in Duke's LNC program right now. I was interested in one mentorship program until when I asked about pricing the main LNC said,"why does it matter how much it us when you'll be making six figures anyway, its about transformative mindset, and who cares about money anyway." Now I'm interested in other programs, but honestly many seem to be MLM-like situations. I am really interested in a mentorship that can help me start and grow my own LNC firm, but I want to avoid money pits. What mentorship program did you use, or what experiences did you have? What do you all recommend?

Thank you all so much in advance!

Specializes in Adult and Pediatric I C U. Has 21 years experience.

Hi Sara! I know exactly the mentorship you are talking about. I did the introductory module, but there wasn't any valuable content. It was more like  she was talking in circles. I couldn't get anyone to discuss prices. The lady was not very nice when I was shocked the mentorship was almost as much as my BSN program. I'm not working due to my health so, I didn't feel comfortable financing over $24000 just in case I couldn't get clients and be able to make the $2200/month payment. I have the same question as you. The mentorship told me that formal training and certifications don't matter, but I don't know. That lady was extremely pushy and kind of rude when I said I can not afford this.