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lna test in new hampshire

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I m taking my state test monday the 29th to get reinstated i originally took the test in 2006 havent been a lna in a while Im not worried about the written test just nervouse about the skills test. I have a question if I get the test to assist with a bedpan when I remove the bedpan from a patient that I have turned on thier side where do I put the bedpan while I am cleaning the patient and adjusting the bed? also at what point do I remove my gloves? dont I have to lower the bed before I go into the bathroom to clean the bedpan? Im confused with the order of those steps in the book I was given the gloves are on the whole time even when adjusting the bed and not taken off until the bedpan is clean. where can I find the correct steps for the clinical test? so nervous this is the skill i will get. thanks for any help you can offer.:confused:

Ideally, if a patient or resident is unable to help turn themselves or stay turned, you would use a 2nd CNA for assistance. That way 1 person can hold the resident on their side and provide peri care while the other person empties the bedpan in the bathroom. Spills are never fun. :lol2:

In real life however, you will probably be by yourself and won't have much help. :) We are NOT supposed to place bedpans on the floor because of infection control. Usually you can place a cover on it and set it at the foot of the bed out of the way. If your gloves become soiled while doing peri care, you can change them before touching anything else or putting on a clean brief. Always keep an extra pair of clean gloves within reach. It never fails. After I am finished with peri care but while the bedpan is still on the bed, I usually remove 1 glove and lower the bed. Then I don another glove and carry the bedpan to the bathroom to clean it. After it is clean, I remove my gloves and wash my hands.

thanks that really helps alot!!:)


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