LMH-Regis ADN in a Magnet Driven World

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Hello Everyone,

I have been an allnurses "lurker" for quite some time and find all of your posts to be a wealth of information. So, thank you to everyone out there!

I am new to Mass and would really like to attend the LMH-Regis ADN program. I understand from many posts that most hospitals in and around Boston are Magnet status or pursuing Magnet designation. I also understand that Magnet = fewer ADNs hired as there are requirements in Magnet Program that the RNs be BSN. A few questions surroudning this:

1) Is this true? If so, what are the ratios going to (ADN / BSN)?

2) What is the future for a new grad ADN in 2014?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!


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I don't know the answers to your question, but I am a LM/RC student going into my final semester. I chose the program because at the time that I applied to nursing school ('07) there were three options: full-time accelerated BSN, direct entry MSN (usually accelerated) and part-time ADN programs at LM/RC and community colleges. I had to continue working full-time to support myself, so LM/RC was the only option that worked for me.

To be honest, I kind of regret it now. Job searching in a difficult market has become all the more difficult because I'm a new grad with an ADN, and there are SO MANY BSN programs in the area. Regis College just started a brand new part-time BSN for people with non-nursing Bachelor's degrees. Hopefully that will work better for you.

I am hoping I'll be able to get a job right out of school because I already work for a major Boston hospital, but I have no idea if they'll want me or not with an ASN. I am going to have to immediately enter an RN to BSN program so I wish I had just gone for the BSN to begin with.

Good Luck!


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New grad jobs are definitely hard to come by! I think a better question might be "For ADNs with several years of experience, are you finding it difficult to get a job at a Magnet Hospital"?

I am an LMRC grad, and I got a new grad job at a Magnet Hospital. The other few new grads were all BSNs. I also know that the magnet hospital where I work hires lots of diploma nurses and ADNs with experience. If you are interested in working in Boston, you should ask nurses who work there if they know other nurses on their floor with ADNs. If you call HR, they will probably tell you that they like BSNs only (my hospital's HR dept would probably say that too), but from what I hear (and from experience), I think once you have experience, it gets much easier!

LMRC was a great (but expensive program)...it worked for me, because it gave me time to work as a nursing assistant while in school. Had I done an accelerated program, I'm not sure how much time I would have had to work....

Keep in mind too, that LMRC now has a bridge program. You can use classes that you take for the ADN toward a higher degree at regis.