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Linking Policy/Procedure with Nrsg Consult, Nrsg Ref Ctr, etc.

Has 20+ years experience.


I am posting this for the nurse educators at my medical center. They would like to know if your Nursing Department is linking your poilicies/procedures to any type of nursing electronic resource such as Mosby's Nursing Consult, Nursing Reference Center, Lippincott's Nursing Skills, etc.. If you are, is it working out for you? Is it easy to use? Do the nurses use it? Do you like it? Can you modify it and add your own materials, policies, notes, etc.? Would you have used something else? What?

Thank-you in advance for your response.

Please respond to the email below.

Halyna Liszczynskyj, MLS

Director of Library Services

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

Utica, NY



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