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Thought I'd post here and see if anyone else is applying for the ASN through LMU/Caylor at Florida Hospital in Tampa? Everything has been submitted waiting to see if I was accepted or not. I'm local ish, over in a Riverview.


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I should specify ASN for Spring 2018

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Hi There! I am not applying to the Spring but I do start next month for the ABSN program! It's nice to see others are looking in their programs too!!


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Awesome! I'm curious to hear of anyone's experience doing the program at FL Hospital! Good luck with everything!


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I also applied for the January 2018 ASN program at LMU I'am just a little nervous because I don't know if the teachers care about thestudentsand wants them to succeed or if its just another private school looking for money. Anyone who has had experince with this or is in the program please give your opinions about the program and experience you have had in the TAMPA campus , thanks :)


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LMU isn't a private school, but without financial aid it will still be pricey. This seems to just be a satellite opportunity with LMU, with it being hosted at Florida hospital. I've read great things about the nursing program that is actually at LMU, including having the highest NCLEX scores in the state. So fingers crossed. I got my acceptance letter in the mail today.


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I recently attended Orientation at Caylor school of Nursing for Lincoln Memorial University in Tampa. This school is brand new in the Tampa Bay area, and is partners with my work at Florida Hospital. However, I learned during orientation that because we are the first ASN students in the ASN program, that they only have just applied to be accredited for ACEN. Their home base is in Harrogate, TN where the university is properly accredited for their nursing programs. I am worried that if I attend in the Spring of 2018 that the school won't be accredited by the time I am finished. This is a a lot of money and attend and a risk I'm not really willing to take. In need of advice if I should take the chance or wait until they become officially accrediated. All feedback is welcomed. Thank you in advance.


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Hello guys, I was wondering if your in the program currently and would give feedback please?

i'm very skeptical due to the program being so new..however it does have a Tennessee campus with amazing pass rates!

Any feedback would be appreciated!



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Hey, I was wondering if those of you who enter the program can give any feedback. If you stayed or dropped out of the program? And if they actually teach you to pass the NCLEX. I am interested in the program, but don’t see many talk about it.