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Likelyhood of going to certain schools in SoCal

I have been trying to become a Nurse for about 4 years and now I am trying to figure out my next step. I graduated from LVN school in May and I will be taking my NCLEX in December (Long story for the delay). I have almost all my prerequisites completed. I got a B in anatomy, C in microbiology and I will be taking physiology in the spring. I also have a degree in a subject called American Studies and had a GPA of about a 2.9. My goal in nursing has been to work in a NICU so I know that I will need to complete at least a Bachelor's program. Because I know that I don't have competitive grades I was looking into private schools.

Sorry for the novel there. I was looking into APU and Cal Baptist. Has anyone attended these universities and what did they think of them. How realistic is for me to hope to go to one of these universities. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

ps I also have not taken statistics yet


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