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like everyone else...NEED ADVICE!

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I have recently graduated from ADN program, and begin working on a neuro-med-surg floor very soon. However, I've always kinda-sorta in the back of my mind wanted to be self-employeed. I've had a vision (a rather foggy one with lots of glare!) for a few years now...I'm not to the serious phase yet, probably just the R&D phase I suppose. I've had the vision to start a home health agency, or a healthcare business of some sort. I see a need for this in most rural communities, with the aging of the good ol' baby boomers and the trend of pushing patients out of the hospital sooner and home to rehab...

So, I guess I'm looking for all the info I can get. Would a BSN be helpful in this potential venture, or should I look into finishing up my business administration degree? (I was in enrolled in BA program prior to nursing school.) How much real-life nursing experience should I try to obtain prior to attempting this or even thinking about attempting? Should I try to secure a job in home health, and gain some work experience that way? (obviously after I work in the hospital for a year or so...)

I know all of these questions are relative and subjective, and all answers could really be considered "correct", but like i said, just researching a bit...

How is the market for this sort of thing, and with it being highly-regulated, does it take the "freedom" out of being self-employeed? What kind of marketing has been found to be successful? Should I attempt to secure contacts while working? (i.e, do I need many contacts such as MD's, potential RN's/LPN's/CNA's to work with me, other owners, etc?)

I think that's it for now! Thanks everyone!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.