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Lighten Up

I feel if a person doesn't have humor about the dumb thing nurses 'often' do, then I would suggest, 'Maybe they ought to hire a farmer and his tractor to pull the pin out of their uptight butt'. This is just a 'salt of the earth' type of suggestion and is not in way or form a professional nursing diagnosis. What I'm trying to say is... 'LIGHTEN UP'!

Hi Auntielolo,

I see this is your first post. This board is a sounding board for nurses. Most are not able to sound off at work, and need somewhere to vent their frustrations. I would problably be a good idea for you to read only those messages that are not from those nurses who are venting. there are many items on this site that are of interest. You do not have to read the negative ones. OK? Thanks

Hi auntie lo lo I think your comment was referring to another poster Nurse Mark in "brainless comments" . If this was the case then your point is valid. You need to click on post reply not new topic then your message will be where it should be. This will save any confusion to BB readers.

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