Life as aTelepsych PMHNP

by ChrissyBee ChrissyBee Member

Has 1 years experience.

Reaching back out , anyone that is a PMHNP that wants to give some insight I would be so greatful. 

1. Do you like telepsych, why/why not? 

2. What you thought being a PMHNP was going to be like while in school vs what it really is like. 

3. Percentage of tasks daily ie: with patients _%, documenting _% etc.

4. Schedule availability flexibility,  can you work more than 8 hours in a day? Can you work 12 ? Can you get over time, and if so do you do this with another company or the same?

5. How many companies do you work for at once? Can you tell me some if so ?

6. If you wouldn't mind hourly rate for telepsych, how that pans out with times with gaps or if it does, and is it hard getting necessary hours? 

7. Taxes and benefits. Could you tell me about how you manage these ? 

8. Regrets,  disappointments- anything 

9. Also, if you do Any locum tens and how that works for you , is it hard to manage get into paperwork wise , is the compensation worth your time, similar to travel RN ? In the logistics not the job LOL

          Your feedback here is SO appreciated from myself and others considering this field or in this schooling program and probably to those already in the field. Thank you SO MUCH for any input, it's hard to find authentic information , but from direct people it makes such a difference .