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licensure fees

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I want to start traveling and was considering spending about 13 weeks in one state. But the cost of 3-4 licenses a year can become expensive. Are there any states that grant 90 temporary licenses without applying for a permanent one? Does any one have any suggestions? I could always move around to several cities in one state but several states only have one city of interest to me.

A lot of states grant temp licenses. The only catch is that you have to pay for it AND the regular license! Temps usually cost ~$25 extra. Some states give you a choice whether to "buy" the temporary. Others just give it to you when you send in your app, the fee for the regular license, and a current license from another state. Usually those states that take a long time to grant regular licenses do that.

I do not know of any state where you can just "buy" a temporary license! Anyone??

Just and FYI: Yes, it is expensive to buy several licenses and keep them current. I have 8: 1 is on inactive status, the others are active. Thank goodness they all don't come up for renewal at the same time!!! One is yearly renewal (WA), most are 2 years, and AZ was 4 years. But since I live in a compact state (SD), I will not need to renew my AZ license when it comes up. (It became compact after I renewed; didn't know about compact states at the time I renewed or other I would not have renewed it!) I keep them all active (except the NV one; don't ever want to work in NV again!) just in case I want to go back to one of those states in a hurry!

Hi everyone,

I'm a foreign nurse,I passed my n'clex in California and I would like to know what does the license by endorsement mean?I would like to work in Ohio,but I don't know what is procedure to follow.Thank you very to answer me.



Couple of questions:

Are you a foreign trained nurse?

Do you have a California license?

I am not sure if you are foreign trained how it would impact getting a license by endorsement.

But, anyway, anyone who has a license in a state can request a license in another state by "endorsement". What that means is that you (and it does differ in different states a little) send in the "license by endorsement" application to that state, usually with a copy of your current license. Then you need to have your state of original license send a form to the state you are requesting to be licensed by endorsement. Some states also request confirmation of licensure from EVERY state you hold a license in. Also, a form from the school of nursing that you graduated from is requested, sometimes.

I would suggest to go to the Ohio BON website to see what their requirements are.

Good Luck to you!

Hi RNCopper,

Thank you very much to answer me so quickly!I did what you say I called the Board and they 're going to send me an application,and we will see.Thank you.And Happy New Year:)


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