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Licensure Endorsement in Ohio

Whoosah Whoosah (New) New

Hello everyone!!

I finally got that job offer for a new grad program, after months and months of striking out. It's just in Ohio which is very different for this born and raised Southern California. Definitely excited!!

Anyways, I have a question regarding the endorsement process. Due to me being out of state I may have to get a fingerprint card for my background check. Unfortunately, the only instructions on the licensure application was to contact the Ohio Board of Nursing for further instructions for out of state applicants, and it being the weekend I won't get a reply until next week. Now my question is, can I send my licensure application without my fingerprint card and send the fingerprint card later or does it need to be sent together?

I know it's a stupid question, I just want to get this endorsement application processed quickly as I've heard it can take awhile and the program starts in June. Thank you for the help!!!!!