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Licensure by Endorsement Fingerprint Cards Mail ETA?

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I'm planning to move to LA from Philadelphia in August! My boyfriend of five years recently accepted admission to UCLA Law. I submitted an online application for Licensure by Endorsement on April 17th. Since I don't live in California and I can't do the LiveScan, I paid for and submitted a request for the hard fingerprint cards. Does anyone know from experience with the CBRN how long it usually takes just to RECEIVE the cards from the CBRN? (I know once I send the fingerprints back, the processing time by the CBRN the FBI/DOJ is long.)

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I just went through this process and it was pretty fast. It took almost 2 weeks to receive the cards from CBRN. I applied on March 20th and by April 19th my license number was posted on Breeze. 

I got everything that I needed first, read all the instructions before applying. Requesting the cards was the first step. I requested the cards back in January, moved on February so I just got to do my application in March. 

March 20th- I went to my local police department to get the fingerprints done and sent to the CBRN by overnight certified mail. Got a new passport photos, went home and did the whole application online and submitted, paid NURSYS verification, and sent all the transcripts from all the schools I have attended. Luck for me, 3/4 schools used national student clearinghouse so they were e-transcripts.

March 21st- Got confirmation that my transcripts sent through the national student clearinghouse were retrieved by the recipient.

April 2nd- I received a letter saying that my application had been evaluated but they still needed my fingerprints. Checked online on Breeze, and it was showing as a deficiency on my application. I called them and it was not a horrible wait like you read on most posts. I probably waited for 30 minutes and spoke to a person that sounded like she was in a hurry. She told me that they had the fingerprints and they were waiting for the results of the fingerprint. She told me that the deficiency would only clear from my application once they had the results.

April 19th- I noticed a license number on my application when I logged in to my Breeze account. 

I was shocked about how fast everything worked out because I was expecting for a 4 - 6 month process based on online posts. I applied to the permanent license. My friend that applied in mid December got her license by late January but she had done the Livescan fingerprints in Sacramento. I did everything she told me to do with the exception that my fingerprints were a hard copy but I wanted to make sure they had the cards back ASAP. 

I am confident that you will have your license before August, just send the cards back as soon you get them. 


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