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Help? I'm currently a registered nurse in NY. I'm applying for Licensure by Endorsement in California. Years ago, over a decade I was convicted of a few DWIs (or DUIs) I went through rehabilitation. I recently celebrated my 10 years sobriety. When I applied for my New York license, because of my past history, there was a "moral hearing", and I was determined to be fine and I've been nursing in NY ever since. I just got a response to my application saying that the California Nursing Enforcement division is going to be looking into my case and they need about a million documents. Most of which I already have. Has anyone gone through anything similar? I have a bunch of questions about the process and time frame, and things I should be doing to assure that I receive a California license?

The Nursing Board seems to be designed to discourage questions and I'm feeling kind of lost. Are there any great books or websites that I should look at?

Thanks so much.

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