Licenses for different states?



I'm interested in travel nursing- but do I need to obtain a license in each state I'm interested in? How does that work? Thanks anyone


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Yes, you need to be licensed in each state that you plan on working in, UNLESS your home state is a compact state- if it is, then you don't need a new license to work in other compact states, but will still need a new license from non-compact states. For example, I am from WI (a compact state), and originally got my license in WI. When I traveled to FL & CA, I had to get licenses in these states, because they are non-compact states. But when I worked in NC & IA, I didn't need to get a license because they are compact states, so I could just work there on my WI license.

FYI- some travelers who are not from a compact state think that if they just get a license in a compact state, they can use that as a compact license. You have to be a RESIDENT of a compact state in order to qualify for a multi-state license. For example, if you are legally a resident of CA (a non-compact state), and apply for a license in WI, your WI license will be single-state, and cannot be used in other compact states. You would have to be a legal resident of WI to get the multi-state license. Check out to see if your state is a compact state. (if you're from GA- a non-compact state- you will need a new license for each and every state you plan on working in)

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