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I am in the process of applying to endorse my NY license to the state of GA. I have to send a verification of current license and a verification of original license. Does anyone know if there if a fee for this? I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks.


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Endorsement is $60. To what part of Georgia are you moving?


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I know there's a fee for endorsement of a nursing license from one state to another. I am applying for endorsement from NY to GA. Is there a fee for NY to process my verification of current license and my verification of original license? Is there one fee, two fees, no fees?


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I'm moving to Powder Springs, well Cobb County. Already there actually. I know Ga charges a fee. What I really need to know is if NY charges a fee for the verification of original license and the verification of current license? Is there a fee for each one? Is there one fee? No fee? Help!

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