License endorsement to IL from FL



This is my first post to this site. Though I often read other's post and are very helpful.

I had my first license from CA. Got it endorsed to FL and worked here. Now I need to

endorse it to IL. My CA license is expired. How to I endorse my license to IL?? Do I need

to contact CA board or FL board? My CA license is expired.

Pls help.




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Actually you will have to contact both states. Illinois Board of Nursing requires verification of original license ( CA ) and current state license (FL). If you print out the packet from the website, you will have to send in a verification form to both states plus the fees. I believe Florida is 25 dollars. ( I applied for an Illinois license last summer). But just check to make sure they didn't up it after the new year. The fees for California you will have to check out on the website.

Good Day!

Thanks for the helpful information. I already have the Eligibility to take the NCLEX RN in CAlifornia. All I have to do is take the examination. My aunt offered a job opportunity in Saipan. Which one should I accomplish first? Is it licensure in California or licensure in Saipan?

Is it possible for me to just ask for licensure by endorsement if ever I pass the NCLEX RN in California? Thank you very much!!