Letter of Recommendation Assistance


I will graduate nursing school in 10 weeks but opportunities for employment in my area are few, especially with five schools nof nursing in the local area. Everyone has a resume these days and anyone can make their resume look good with some work. For this reason I am working on a portfolio with letters from patients and previous instructors. I currently work for a private medical facility with multiple physicians in multiple disciplines. Everyone of the phyisicians have told me that they will gladly give me a letter but to bring them a template. Problem is finding a template that is nonspecific. All the templates are focused toward specific jobs. All jobs apps in my area are only taken online and HR has to approve of app, even if it is taken to them by a nurse manager that I personally give my portfolio to. This also irritates HR that people try to go around them. Basically I plan to have a generic LOR to apply for multiple positions and to keep for future ventures in my new career. Any help finding a template would be greatly appreciated.