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  1. Should the sell of kidney's be legal and regulated?

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      No, it is unethical
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      No, it is not good karma
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      yes, it will solve a need
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Greetings All Nurses,

I just read an ABC News article about a blackmarket for kidney's. The full article is at http://abcnews.go.com/sections/wnt/WorldNewsTonight/wnt010709_kidney_feature.html

It raises an ethical debate we have heard before, but it also says the only way to regulate this is to make it legal:confused:

What am I talking about the buying and selling kidney's on an open market. It appears that it is legal in some parts of the world to this. People who sell thier kidney get about 1500-25,000 dollars American and the brokers charge about 100,000+ dollars American. Seems like someone is getting screwed in a extreme way.

First of all there is no warranty on the sold kidney, the conditions the operation takes place is sceptable, and the seller is not paid enough of the cost for thier organ! These are just the thoughts I see from reading this and writing this message.:rolleyes:

I am posting a poll for your thoughts! Please respond to the poll!

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