Leik AGPCP review course is the bomb

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I wanted to let all you NP students who are dreading sitting the state boards, take the Leik review course.

I did Leik's online webinar, and though she has her quirks and allergies, it was pretty damn spot on re the questions that came up on the boards. I passed first time. I took the AANP.

I also did Fitzgeralds online review which was a whopping 32 hours, and if I had just doen that review course, I am pretty sure I would not have passed.

Leik provides all the relevant information that comes up on the boards. I ma not saying that Fitzgerald is not worth the money, as she provides a lot of information that is needed in practice, just not pertinant to the actual exam.

Best $350 Ive spent, and I literally did Leik review, then Fitzgerald and then Leik over the 3 days before my boards. That's it. I am not by any means someone you might call intelligent, although I have been a nurse for over 20+ years, and worked in Oncology for the most of that time, so Fitzgerald saying anyone who has worked in a specialty, such as Oncology, is going to have trouble passing the boards, did not make me feel very confident.

I honestly saw questions that Leik had addressed, particularly her no nonsense heart sounds and murmurs nmenonics and how to remember.

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