Lehman college nursing 2019 previous applicants help!!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Any one accepted with a 3.57 science GPA? To lehman im finishing up my first degree and want to do the accelerated/generic program for fall 2019.

I got a B in AP2

A in AP1

CHEM114/115 B and B-; I transferred in with these and seeing the science classes at Lehman are much easier :(

Im aiming for A's in Micro and chem120/121

And to score high on the HESI, im already studying

This summer i completed 4 classes on top of AP2 receiving a A and a 3.9 gpa cumulative i would hope my determination and record will help, im a little nervous about applying next year


Hello !

I am also applying to Lehman nursing program Fall 2019.

How is micro going?

I just wanted to tell you not to loose hope and just try your best.


Thank you! Same to you!

Micro is so-so I'm a little nervous about the final coming up


Here are some stats in regards to enrollment at Lehman:


Good luck! I'll be applying soon as well. :)

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