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Does any body know where I can find out if it is legal

to use a stamped personal signiture on the med and tx

sheets back page?

I know they are considered legal

for depositing or cashing checks. Since it is an original

copy of your signiture, I would think it would be authentic.

But you still would sign off daily with your initials using

pen. I have heard that some facilities don't even need

the staff to sign each sheet monthly.

I would like to know how other facilities have staff signatures

and how often and since we don't do electronic medical

forms---anybody out there that does---how do you sign

your med sheets, notes, etc? Especially in Indiana and



Catsrule16, RN

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Your best bet would be to contact your local nursing board and get their opinion or advisory on the use of rubber stamp signatures as well as facility policy.

bandaidexpert, BSN, RN

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An accepted alternative to signature stamps is having each nurse sign a designated form. This form is placed in front of the MAR, TAR. As new nurses are hired, they are added and form is updated. Our Medical Records clerk is responsible for this form. It eliminates nurses having to sign each month. :D


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I agree with bandaidexpert. Most facilities in northern Indiana are having the nurses sign a "Master Signature Log". (Our pharmacy supplies our forms). A rubber stamp is used to stamp the back of each MAR/TAR sheet that says "See master signature log". Each med cart has a COPY of the signature log. The original is kept in Medical Records to ensure it does not accidentally get lost. This saves ALOT of time that the nurses don't have anyway! This is legal and accepted- the catch is that you have to make sure EVERY nurse is signed in on the original form.


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Thanks everyone for your replys. I haven't been able

to find out anything from the Indiana State Board of Health

Sites yet. It would be easier if we could sign a master sheet-

even if we had to do it monthly---one form beats 100-150

sheets each month and easier than using a stamp sig.

July MAR AND TX sheets have already arrived and I'm still

trying to find the time to sign all of June sheets.

Now if I can get the Admin. and DON to accept trying this idea.

Thanks again for your help.



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I work in longterm care in Florida

We have new administration...who has just told us that we can no longer use a master signature log. That means that we now have to sign back of each MAR and TAR each month.

Wonder if we can find this out from HCFA, because this is where they are telling us it came from. Only thing is, it came from Staff Development Coordinator.

Can anybody help me out there in finding out the reg for this?:confused:

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