What reference materials should I buy?

  1. Hello all!!

    I am trying to get started in this field.

    I was wondering what do any of you experienced LNCs suggest to a new LNC as far as the type of reference materials we should have in our arsenal? I mean, I have plenty of books from nursing school, but are there other types of reference materials that we should have on deck? There are so many things available and one could find themselves buying EVERYTHING they think that they need but are there some staples that we should have?

    I was thinking about getting a current PDR and maybe drug reference book. Is it better just to subscribe to magazines? I just want to be prepared (if that is really possible). I know that I will need to purchase reference material as I come in contact with something on a regular basis I guess.

    Also, is there any software that you all suggest that we have? I have seen Smart Draw through RN Market. I also have seen CaseMap (?). Besides the typical MS Office software, is there anything else the average LNC uses on a somewhat regular basis?

    I really appreciate any help with this matter!!

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  3. by   Trinity,RN

    Im new to this field as well and am wondering the same thing. I see no replies as of yet, but if you hear anything outside this site I would appreciate any info.
    Thanks!! Merry Christmas!!
  4. by   silmas RN
    There are a tons of reference materials available. You need to make sure of the publication dates. For example, if a client had a problem with a drug in 2009, you'll need a PDR from 2009. I try to find continuing education classes on the types of problems our clients present with most frequently. The books that come with the courses have been invaluable. I have also established relationships with several hospital medical librarians and have been offered free use of their materials. Good luck.