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  1. Hi all,

    Just a couple more weeks before I head to Orlando for the VMI seminar! I'm going over the home materials now and gosh...there sure are a lot of info. I'm glad I have the chance to go over it ahead of time before going to the seminar. Anyways, does anyone know any specific things I need to do to prepare myself for the seminar ie, materials to bring, not bring, tips to make the whole experienc good etc?

    The modules that I have been watching correlates with the Core book. I am wondering if the seminar will be the same? The highlights of the modules are for the most part verbatim to the book, the speakers just elaborate on the topics.

    Any other info regarding the specifics and what to expect would be helpful. :-) Thanks.
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  3. by   penelope1
    I just returned from the 6-day in March. It is very interesting. The course is very much like the modules, but they elaborate even more on certain subjects and skim over others. What is emphasized in the course is on the test. They are very clear about what is on the test. She also does a review before the test, and some of those questions are on the test, also. It takes a week to tell if you pass, so I didn't get my results yet, but I have a good feeling about it. You will be very busy that week. Class during the day, then study at night. I also stayed for the 2 day marketing class. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, also. Make sure you take your license and CORE book, although they will give you another book if you forget it. I think study before hand is VERY VERY important. It helped me a lot. Those that didn't study seemed to struggle a lot more. Good luck.

  4. by   nungum
    Thanks so much for the tips :-) I'm very excited, nervous, and apprehensive all at the same time. There are a lot more pro's than cons for me to do this and the only major con is that I fearI may not be cut out to do this type of stuff (ie marketing myself to the lawyers). My personality is more on the introverted side, quiet. Though I know this is a good path for me to take to step out of my shell.

    Do you are anyone else feel this way too or do you know 100% that this is the path for you?
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Hi Nungum!
    I think it is very normal for you to have those feelings. This is something new for you as it is for all of us. I, too am on the quiet side, but I know this is something I am really interested in doing. Marketing is a big change, but hopefully with the right education you will feel better prepared.

    Good luck in Orlando!!
  6. by   nungum

    thanks for the words of confidence. It's good to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I guess it's always normal to feel this way when it comes to changing from ones comfort zone.
  7. by   penelope1

    Perhaps you won't need to market. I know a nurse who wants to take this class and she doesn't want to market either. She wants to subcontract to me. Subs usually get 50% of the fee. If you would be happy with that, you wouldn't need to market. If you have a friend you could trust and make an arrangement like this, it may be ideal for you. Or, you may find someone at the class you could sub to. My friend and I have different specialties, so it works our well. Don't let that stop you. And who knows, if you go into business with a friend, you make eventually find you want to do some marketing.

  8. by   nungum
    Hi Penelope1

    Thanks! I wouldn't mind subcontracting at all. We'll see who I run into at the seminar. :-) I already have my business cards all ready to go. I also have about 4 lawyers in line to start marketing to when I come back from the seminar. They are friends of friends/family. :-) So I'm hoping/expecting to have some work fairly soon after the seminar.
  9. by   nungum
    BTW, do you remember how many people were at the seminar you went to?
  10. by   penelope1
    There were approximately 200 people in the 6-day course and 100 people in the 2-day marketing course.


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