So why do people not succeed with as an LNC

  1. I have read lots of positive things about the LNC path, specifically Vicky's course. But what I don't see are the stories about why it might not work. I am not naive enough to think that everything is rosy, so I am looking for opinions as to why someone might not be able to turn the CLNC into their full time position. My theory is that it is due to the lack of time, or experience with the marketing side of the business. Or that the problem is that people might not realize the time committment that this type of business start up truly entails?

    Looking for your opinions, thanks!
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  3. by   KC4NSICRN
    i can think of several reasons why they don't succeed. i'm in the process of re-opening my lnc business right now. i had it running but stopped to do a contract for the latest disaster to hit louisiana, the oil spill. since that contract ended, i have come back to my home with renewed dedication to the success of my home based lnc business.

    in my class, there really was not a step by step marketing plan. this was one part that i find myself floundering with, but there are so many local free business tools to help me that i can't help but be successful. other internet tools are available as well. just do a search for marketing and business plans, such as how to start a business, things like that.
    if you're working full time while trying to do this, and have a family on top of that, i think it would be pretty difficult, but if you really want something you should definitely go for it.

    i had already done a few cases prior to going to the class, but i learned so much more. right now, i was stuck on a logo and the web site. fortunately, i was able to hire someone to help me with the start up process. i also suffer with perfection procrastination. i'm learning to take things one step at a time. i don't need a fancy logo. i put up a "coming soon" web site with my contact information. until i can get more steps done in the process, i am satisfied with that right now.
    with that said, i think the marketing part is a hurdle for a lot of nurses. we also are not used to tooting our own horns and the success surprises us. we are afraid to charge the amounts they say in the commercials, but if you don't try it, you'll never know. when my first attorney asked how much, i told him and waited for him to respond. it took a few seconds of uncomfortable silence but he agreed.

    so far, all of my cases have had positive outcomes, and i'm pretty proud of that.

    i've investigated lnc "package deals" that are advertised, but found that while they really help you along the way, i'd rather be in control of some things they would control. granted, it might take me longer to reach the same level of success, but i will get there.

    i also think folks get discouraged easily. they send out these big packages that include their resume, a brochure and sample report and who has the time to read all that?

    i bought one of the vmi books and found it to be immensely helpful with free promotions.
    i was given a marketing book and learn something new each day. i make a tasks list and then prioritize.

    i'm also interested in other's opinions on your question, perhaps from someone who attended a class like that and did not proceed to a full time business.
    good luck! you can do it!