LNC organization alphabet soup! (humor, OK?)

  1. You know how things start out seeming reasonable, but at a certain point you just have to laugh? Well that's about where I am right now after spending so much time sorting through LNC courses. Please join me for a brief interlude from that endeavor to sniff some daisies...

    Before I realize just how serious I'm supposed to be here, I'd like to make some inappropriate but gentle observations about nursing organizations, and LNC organizations in particular, their names, and the titles they bestow:

    1. Any nursing organization worth its salt includes the initials A, L and N whenever possible; the more included, the more authoritative and prestigious the organization, just because. The reverence these letters command is similar to reverence for elders. I have no idea why.

    2. If a certificate or certification is part of the name (they're not the same, but sorting out which means what under what circumstances is a thick web), then C should appear too. Sometimes the C means "consultant." Sometimes the C means something else, like "candidate" as in candidate to receive an academic degree (although one of my more ambitious classmates once listed herself as "FAAN-C!")

    3. If the organization is a supervisory board offering accreditation, then B will be present.


    ANA: American Nursing Association
    NLN: National League for Nursing
    LNC: Legal Nurse Consultant

    OK, for some more advanced names and titles:

    AALNC: American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants:
    two A's, and one of each L, N, C - not bad, and without any extraneous letters.

    LNCC: Legal Nurse Consultant Certified,
    authorized by the AALNC-created organization known as the ALNCCB,
    which is in turn accredited by the ABNS.
    Imagine what Rick Moranis could do with that sentence
    in his Ghostbusters role as the CPA!

    ALNCCB: American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board:
    you've got your A, L, N, two C's and a B, which is very good,
    but it doesn't roll off the tongue as well as one might like.

    ABNS: American Board of Nursing Specialties:
    there's the A, the N, and the B, and they had to put in an S;
    but a C followed by an i or an e often sounds like S, so OK.

    NACLNC: National Alliance of Legal Nurse Consultants,
    with the middle "C" for certified:
    note; two N's, two C's, an L and an A.
    This one's an exceptionally well chosen name,
    not to be confused with the next one.

    NALNC: National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.
    I haven't figured out who these guys are yet.

    CLNC: Certified Legal Nurse Consultant:
    authorized by the NACLNC.
    As the oldest LNC certificate,
    this one is prestigious in the way a Harvard degree is (just because),
    and it rolls nicely off the tongue.

    ACLNC: American College of Legal Nurse Consulting:
    does anyone here know about this one, or their pedigree?

    LNCC Inc.: Legal Nurse Consulting Center, Inc., a division of:
    Center for Legal Consulting & Litigation, Inc.

    LNLA: Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association -
    just wanted to see if anyone actually read this far!

    Additions are of course welcome: post here!
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  3. by   susieb5
    This is hilarious!
  4. by   KLKRN
    Ahhh, the joys of playing with your alphabet soup! I love it!
  5. by   RN1989
    You are good! I can't believe that you kept them all straight!
  6. by   RealiRN
    Well said, and laugh out loud funny!!!
  7. by   KLKRN
    And informative to boot!
  8. by   New adventure
    Thank you for the laugh! It is never good to take yourself too seriously. Finding the right path to becoming a successful LNC is a little bit like rowing upstream without a paddle, or a boat, or a lifevest for that matter. Keep your chins up and remember great things come to those who work hard and dream bigger!
  9. by   meg5335
    OMG!! This is great!! I just started the research and you so eloquently summarized it.. thank you.. but I still am confused.
    So, what did you decide?? now that it is like 6 months later????
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    hello meg5335! welcome to the legal nursing forum!


    let us know if you have questions as you research legal nurse consulting as a career.
  11. by   meg5335
    Thank you!! I've been reading this site for the past 3hours... it is a wealth of information!