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Hello Fellow NI Nurses!

After completing three semesters worth of NP coursework, I switched over to the informatics track. I lost my passion for bedside nursing. Unfortunately, I am losing $13K in NP coursework that cannot be transferred into the informatics track :(

I hope I am making the wise choice in making this specialty switch now before becoming another NP that is disgruntled, regretful, and financially struggling with her degree. Those that are seasoned in informatics field, would you mind sharing your knowledge, advice, input on some questions?

1) Job outlook for Nursing Informaticists for near future and far future? (I'm graduating in Spring of 2015)

2) What is starting salary for new grads in large metro teaching hospitals? Other than hospitals, what other employers would I be able to work for?

4) How many years of experience should I get if I decide to travel and do consulting work? Work from home?

Any words of support, encouragement, and shared experiences would greatly be appreciated!


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1. Check out the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey: What is Nursing Informatics? | HIMSS.org. Outlook is high growth- there is a serious shortage of 'qualified' talent, but a lot of applicants. Your experience and entry into an informatics program would make you more attractive to teaching hospitals that value the theoretical background. For 2015...MU, ACO, declining reimbursements and the aging population will continue to require we do more with fewer resources, and the industry needs data to be successful in those ventures. Once hospitals and clinics have implemented technology, the push will move to predictive analytics, process improvement, and improving communication and care efficiency across transitions in care...there's a lot of work to be done, and IS needs nurses to help guide it.

2. I started as an informatics trainer in 2008 at a metro teaching hospital while in an MSN program for $65,000. Since completing my MSN and gaining experience, my salary has far surpassed what I would be making as an APN with the same experience.

3. Depends what kind of consulting you'd like to do- it's a broad field.