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I have been an RN in the operating room x3 years now, straight out of school. I took the first and only job I was offered, which was the OR. Turns out I did love it, a LOT, at first- but fast forward to now and I am 120% burned out. I am absolutely unhappy and I need a change. This I am sure of, I don't need advice on whether or not I should leave the OR- I've already decided I'm out. What I am looking around these boards for is any advice or foresight on is, I have an interview in the Burn ICU at a trauma center/university hospital. I'm very excited about it! But, I'm REALLY worried. I 100% admit I don't know anything about floor nursing and I'm afraid I won't like it, and I'm afraid I won't do well. I'm afraid of a lot of things, but I know I need to try. I truly feel that if I hate it, then at least I've tried. Can anyone give me any input on the Burn unit? Unfortunately my nurse friend told me that I would hate it as she knows people who have worked there and quit within a year, so of course she got into my head, and my other mentors told me that I'm "good at the OR, so I should stay." Yes, I AM very good at my job, but I am no longer happy, satisfied, inspired, nor motivated. I am also wanting to change jobs because I have always wanted to go back to school, be it for NP, or CRNA, or what have you, but I could never decide because the OR does not exactly inspire you or lead you in the right direction or path for advanced education - plus all that is really available would be a CNS or MSN management position in the OR, which I have no interest in. I feel working in the burn unit would help me decide on school one day. I hope this post isn't just a rambling on of feelings but any insight would help me. Thanks.

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