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Leaving nursing management for job in the OR

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After working as an RN for the last year in a LTC facility as an ADON, I was offered an oppertunity to participate in a perioperative program. Of course this is a great oppertunity and I am really greatful but I am torn between the two. This new job would pay $6.00 less than my current position in LTC. I entered LTC as a new grad and was quickly promoted to my current position. I like the job, love the residents, but I feel like I am missing out on something by not working in the hospital setting. If I stay in LTC/ management will I be "stuck" here? I don't wan't to be burned out with no options down the road.

As I said, the job is good but I work long hours and have to work every weekend. My DON can be irritable and difficult to work with at times and we clash from time to time. I have learned alot from my managers and feel that staying with the company will definately advance my career in nursing management. LTC has some definate drawbacks but nurse mangers, DONs and clinical directors can make a very good salary.

Anyone out there with advice or have you been in a similar situation?

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