Least competitive public school for ABSN or direct entry MSN in CA or elsewhere

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My GPA is about 3.3 and that is everything including all the cosmetology units at a community college before transferring to a University. I have well over 200 units. Depending on what the schools accept my GPA may be a little lower like 3.2 or 3.1.

I don't have any volunteer experience and I don't work in the medical field.

I am an older student and have lived on 4 continents and traveled extensively through 6 continents. I have lived and traveled in some of the poorest countries in the world. I plan to do Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) when I am a nurse. I would love to do a combined MSN/MPH (Masters in Public Health) but I don't know if it is offered as direct entry.

Anyway in my personal statement I'll go for the older student, bilingual (Bachelors in French), lived in developing world angle. However, nursing so so competitive I don't know where I can get in with my GPA.

I spoke to someone in administration at SFSU (San Francisco State University) and she said the MSN has 300 applicants for 40 slots with an average GPA of 3.8. The BSN program has 40 slots at the SFSU campus and 40 slots at the Canada College campus for a total of 80 slots and 1000 applicants. That is an 8% acceptance rate.

I can't compete with those people. So what public school in CA is the easiest to get into? And what are some other schools around the country are easier BUT are in decent places? I am looking at LSU (Louisiana State University) but I don't know how competitive it is. Other school ideas?

I am looking for public schools as I can't afford most of these 50,000 a year private schools.

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