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I've been working as a nurse for 6 months at a nursing home, this is my first job. I'm a quiet person, I do my job and try to stay out of drama. My problem is that my coworkers say I'm too quiet, and I have a problem asking the aids to do their jobs. I'm not assertive, I feel like everyone walks all over me, being that I'm too nice. The aids don't listen whenever I ask them to do something. How can I become more assertive and better communicate with my coworkers? I'm just lost and unsure at the moment.



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Well, it is impossible for you to do EVERYTHING...that is why we have aides. If things are not getting done and you need help, you need to tell them. If they are not doing what you are asking, I would either; a) go to the supervisor, and/or b) write them up. What else can you do? If you write them up and/or go to the supervisor, then I think they will take you more seriously. Remember that your #1 priority is your residents and the care your residents are receiving...

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Don't confuse "being nice" with "being a doormat." Asking someone to do their jobs is not the same as being "not nice." You can (and should) be nice when you ask them -- say "please" and "thank-you," etc. But givng them direction by communicating clearly, establishing clear expectations and consequences is your job.

In some ways, leading a team is like parenting. Parents who don't establish clear expectations and lay down some rules are NOT being great parents. They are actually hurting their kds by not helping them to be successful in the world. In the workplace, everyone benefits when everyone does their job properly. The way to REALLY be nice is to do your job well -- and for an RN, that sometimes includes supervising the work of others.

Perhaps if you keep that in mind, you won't feel that you are being "not nice" when you provide the aides with the proper supervision they need to do a good a job.

Good luck!

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