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So I posted this on the pre-nursing student forum but thought I might get more helpful answers here:

Hello All,

So my original goal this past January was to do the RN program. I already have my B.A. in Child Development and was working as an Infant Teacher but had to quit and stay home with my son since his daycare closed for the winter and I could not find alternative care fast enough. I was also about 5 months pregnant at the time and figured I could go to school on my husband's off days. I already took all the pre-reqs for the nursing program (since this was my original career path) at CSULB but they just barely expired last fall so I knew I had to retake them. I took Anatomy this Spring and aced it (Thank goodness because right after I had my baby, it was hard to keep up that A!). The only pre-reqs I have left would be Micro and Physio. They offer Micro during the summer but because it's almost like taking on a job, my schedule would not allow this. So I spoke to the receptionist at the Nursing office and she showed me options about the LVN and RN Program. If I were to take Physio and Micro in the fall, I could apply and try to get in for Fall 10' or possibly not be able to apply until Spring 10' and not get in until Spring 11'. But I registered for the 2 LVN pre-reqs this summer and the last two I've already registered for the fall. They start accepting applications the 10th-12th week of the semester and from what I've heard, they sometimes invite students (who are doing well) from the VN 215 class during that time which is one of the classes I'll be taking granted all my pre-reqs are done or in progress. From then on, the program would start in January and takes a whole year. At the end of the program which should be around December, I'd be ready to take my NCLEX and become an LVN. During that time, I could work and take the last two pre-reqs I needed for the RN program and apply to the LVN-RN bridge program. This would be another year and then I would be prepared to take my NCLEX to become an RN. A lot of people have told me not to do the LVN route but the way I see it, I've been told that there is hardly a waiting list for the LVN program while there are MANY (and the comptetition is great) applying to the RN program and I'd have a better chance of getting my RN done (granted I don't get stuck just being an LVN). Plus I'll already have the first year of the RN program done faster since I'd be starting in January (if I get in!) instead of waiting so long to apply to the RN program and potentially get in or rejected. Either way, if I take the classes for the LVN program, I could or could not get in January and if I don't, I could always just take Physio and Micro that spring and apply afterwards. What do others think about this plan? Sorry it is a bit jumbled and hard to understand!

Btw, if anyone has taken the VN220 and VN225 class with McGill and Paunovic..are the "recommended" books necessary?

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