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Latoya's Health Education


Starting October 1st, I will be starting the 12 month LPN Program at Latoya's in Saginaw. I am very nervous/excited for this but I really haven't heard much about the program. Has anyone been there or graduated from this school?

I'm also interested in this program. Do you know a cost?

It's $15,000. You must supply your own books, scrubs, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and gait belt.

Is it cash only?

Yeah. $3,500 down. $700 per month.

How is school going? Would you recommend it?

How is school going? Would you recommend it?

Well, in my situation I am only doing this program so I don't have to wait 5 years on a waiting list to become a nurse. This is a quick, painless way to become an LPN. As far as the school, it's very unorganized and low budget. The overall outcome of what you gain isn't they great but you get what you came there for in the end. Just make sure you make your payments and you'll do fine. I only have 6 months left though it really isn't that tough.

If you're doing this for a quick way to become a nurse, sure I recommend it.

If you're doing this to gain a lot of knowledge and get the most out of school, then no I dont. Deep down it's a terrible school but it is what it is. The school is unable to attend hospitals nearby due to lack of professionalism so you may have to do some traveling.