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Last ditch effort to use up my FSA

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Can I/should I buy a higher quality stethoscope with funds from my FSA?

  1. 1. Can I/should I buy a higher quality stethoscope with funds from my FSA?

    • yes
    • no

I've got about $400 of MY MONEY in my FSA and unless I spend it, I'm going to lose it after 12/31. The only things I can think of buying which don't require a letter of medical necessity and which I might need though are compression socks, sunscreen, Breathe Right Strips and band-aids. I'm considering buying a better stethoscope, but am unsure if that would be allowed though. On the one hand, nowhere does it say stethoscopes are ok. On the other hand, the website stipulates I can purchase DME, First Aid Kits, First Aid Supplies and other items 'which include but are not limited to' blood pressure monitoring kits, thermometers, pulse oximeters and other items. I would assume then that a steth should fall under at least one of those categories. While I would primarily use the steth at work, I would use it for my own BP monitoring should the need arise (so I'd like to think that my company's FSA administrators should therefore not have anything to say about it.) Can I get a majority in favor? I'm open to any feedback.


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