Larkin School of Nursing Insight


Hello Every one! My name is Michelle and i just got accepted into the ASN nursing program at Larkin Hospital in Miami, Fl. I am aware of the financial situation and that i have to take out a large amount of loans to pay my classes but this doesn't bother me. However, i am very worried about the fact that the school is not accredited. If i was just looking to become a regular nurse then this school would be the best option for me and for everyone else who is willing just to become a nurse. However, i want to continue my studies and become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and I'm worried that if i graduate from a non accredited school like Larkin that i wont be able to continue my studies and transfer my degree. I spoke to Carmen, who is the head in administration and she told me that they will be accredited in September of 2015. Is this true? iv heard that they have been saying this for a long time. If it is then i will definitely start my education in January with them because by the time i graduate they will be accredited but if its not then i don't know if i would want to join the school. Also, for those of you who have graduated from was the graduation? how many students attended with you? and were you able to get a job at Larkin as a nurse after graduation? or somewhere else? That is my other dream work place is Baptist Hospital but they dont hire nurses from non accredited you can see this is a big deal for me so if you have any insight or advice about the school i would greatly appreciate it! thank you all so much in advance!

With love, Michelle :)