Lake Tech in Eustis for LPN


Has anyone on here attended Lake Technical Center in Eustis for their LPN? I see lots of posts about Orlando Tech and TECO in Kissimmee's LPN programs but nothing about Lake Tech.. thinking of going there and dropping off an app to see if I can get into the July FT LPN program but I'd like to find out if it's a good school first.


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Bah. Went by Lake Tech today.. girl in admissions told me that the LPN program only has 1 seat left. I asked her if this means it would be unlikely I'd be able to get in, and she said yeah, probably. :( Registration for the July FT program only started on March 1.. but guess I'm too late. She gave me an app anyway, which I'm debating filling out.. we'll see. The next closest LPN program to me would be Orlando Tech - which is still kinda far, I live near Eustis.. but I guess I could always move closer if needed.

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