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Hi everyone I am new. I just posted this under the student board but I thought I should post this here too. I am 33 and starting college for the first time in August. I really want to go into labor and delivery nursing. Please educate me on how I need to go about this. I know I need to go to nursing school but, how do you specify what area you want or can you even do that? I was thinking maybe doing my clinicals at a womens center to help get my foot in the door. I am feeling so overwhelmed at times it seems some guidance of would be great thanks!!


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Well, every hospital I had clinical at I asked about this. Because that is what I want to do, I would love to be a midwife in the hospital. Everyone told me they won't hire without experience. And when I check hospital jobs, it always say (when I see one, not very many posted-maybe 4 in 2 yrs looking) experience needed.

BUT, a friend of mine got hired in on the labor and delivery floor as a student nurse.!! and they hired her when she passed boards!!!! So maybe call and talk to the manager of that floor and see if they hire student nurses, that way you have a in,,, maybe..

Good Luck

I am done in 5 weeks............Aug. 4th is pinning...!!! :yeah:I am just trying to find a day RN job.

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Thanks for the tip.


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We hire nurse externs and "grow our own" labor and delivery nurses. They start either as students working as PCA or new graduates. They work under usually just one experienced nurse and gradually take on more responsibility until they are flying solo about 6 monthes after graduation. I think this option is available in bigger units. We deliver around 500-600 babies a month. Good luck to the girl who wants a day job. Most hospitals will start you on night and you get moved to day based on seniority as positions come available.

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