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Labor & Delivery New Grad Residency

by Jamny Jamny (New) New Pre-Student

Hi everyone ,

Is there a website where I can find Labor and Delivery new grad residencies? I am also interested in mother/baby or antepartum. Hubby and I are willing to move anywhere in the US.

Sending lots of good vibes and health everyones way.

I know Shands in Jacksonville, FL has a Labor and Delivery residency.

SJaae, do you have any more information on the Shands residency? I just looked at their website, and they have a general application for L&D, but it's a bit confusing as to whether it's targeted for new nurses. Is Shands one of those hospitals that automatically enrolls you in a residency once you apply to any RN position?

(I'm in the same boat as OP. I just graduated from UCF, but will travel anywhere for L&D.)


I do not, I just remembered seeing that when I was looking around for a Labor and Delivery position. I lived in Gainesville at the time and remembered how sad I was that the Gainesville Shands didn't have the residency program. I do know the hospitals in Orlando have a residency program for new nurses, but I don't think for labor and delivery, may have to look into that.

Thanks so much for looking into that! I'll keep hunting.


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Not sure if you're still looking but you can check St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, CA. They are under Providence Hospitals and they have a program for new grads and experienced nurses to get trained into a specialty. In fact, I'm starting in their fellowship program for experienced nurses for their L&D unit in January. It's not a new grad program but I know they have had opportunities for new grads before. I would keep them in mind. Good luck!