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I wanted to pass along a couple of things that helped me a great deal in A & P since it seems like it's a difficult subject for people. In our labs, we used human cadavers and it was very difficult going along with the crappy illustrations in the book and our lab manual as they didn't really resemble the actual human bodies we were working on. I found a GREAT study aid and it wasn't too expensive (about $45). The pictures are great and correlated nicely with our cadavers (except when we failed to dissect on the same plane that the book did, as in the brain and heart). It's called McMinn's Color Atlas of Human Anatomy ISBN 0723432120. Also, anyone who is having trouble or thinks they may be having trouble with remembering all the bones, nerves, muscles, etc. in the body, pick up Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards ISBN 1929007086. These saved me and I pretty much aced our exams dealing with this. And in a class where the test average always hovered around 65 or so, getting an A in the first semester and a B in the second was no easy task (God, how I HATED Digestion and Metabolism...and cardiology unit sucked too...I never did learn how to read a 12 lead EKG correctly...give me a pt. in V-fib, no problem...V-tach, no prob...but start throwing anterolateral MI's at me and I'm LOST!) :D

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