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La Salle ACHIEVE Fall 2020



I did not see a group started so I wanted to create one. Is anyone else applying to the program? Have you heard anything about it or know anyone who has been in the program? I'm hoping to get a feel of the class and clinical schedule. With this covid-19 outbreak, has anyone has issues taking their TEAS exam since some school began cancelling test dates?

I’ve been accepted into the Pre-achieve program. Any one else been accepted yet? Also, any current students have any insight on the program? How are clinicals, Is the schedule manageable with a job?


I just graduated LaSalle Achieve program in August 2020.
As far as classes, Pre-COVID classes were 2 days a week (either Monday/Weds. or Tuesday /Thursday) from about 6-9, some semesters till 10 depending on the class. Clinicals were always on weekends usually Saturday and Sunday every other weekend. 

The schedule is definitely manageable if you have a job. Everyone in my Cohort worked and I worked Monday-Friday 9-5 throughout the whole 3 years and was able to do it. The program is designed for working Individuals with families who cannot leave there day job to further their career. If you are that, than I would definitely recommend LaSalle because there is not many Nursing schools in the Area with night classes and weekend clinicals. Don’t get me wrong the program is still challenging like any other nursing program but you can do it.

I had to do my last 2 semesters online due to covid. It was similar to the schedule above but everything was online even clinicals because hospitals were not letting students in. 

I currently have a friend that’s in the program now. Hope this help a bit. 

best of luck!