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L&D Nurse in Germany, Travel to US?

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by lauritasol lauritasol (Member)

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I was a labor & delivery nurse in a level I, high acuity, advanced high risk center. We typically had 1:2 patient ratios if not 3 at a time! We rotated between low risk, high risk, triage, urgent care, PACU and the 4 ORs. We were a teaching hospital, but also had 4 full time midwives no staff. I feel like I've gained quite a lot of experience, and was happy in my chosen field.

I recently moved to Germany due to my husband being a pilot in the AF, and wanted to continue with my career. However, to my surprise there are NO jobs here whatsoever!

I am now, only one month here, looking for travel opportunites. I have a friend that is a traveler with Amercian Traveler, but besdies that, I do not have a clue which companies are the best to work with.

I am looking for:

  • To stay in high/low risk L&D
  • Prefer to work in a hospital or birthing center
  • To work in NYC, since both our cars are here in Germany now, and I would need to access public transit in order to work. Plus, it is the closest direct flight option on the East coast (also, DC, NJ and other East coast areas are also direct, but do not have the ease of transportation as NYC does)
  • A good travel reimbursement. I know I probably won't get my entire flight covered, but I would like a significant portion since tickets are about $700 - $1000 round trip.
  • Length options. Not sure if I could be away for 13 weeks at a time. I do not have children, but we have dogs and if my husband has to go on TDY, it would be easier for him to make his flying schedule around a 8 week session than a 13 week one.
  • To make the most money possible
  • To have flexibility in taking assignments - I'd like to only come back to the states 2 or 3 times a year

Are these things do-able? I really want to keep my skills and license current and do not want to have a 3 year cap in my career, where I will have to bascially start all over. Additionally, living in Europe is an excellent opportunity and I would like to spend time with my husband here exploring and traveling. So basically, I would like the best of both worlds. ;)

If anyone has a similar situation or has any great recommendations on traveling companies that might work for my situation... Please let me know!!! Thanks a billion!

Laura, RN, BSN

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