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L&D as a new grad?

FroggieLiz specializes in L&D.

Hey, y'all!

I graduate in just a couple of months, but I haven't even started getting really serious about looking for a job. I am doing my practicum now in labor & delivery. I am absolutely loving it, but what is the likelihood that I will be able to move straight into L&D after I get my license? I will be in the Montgomery area.

Also, what can I expect in the way of a salary?

Hi, I actually just graduated this May, and while I was still doing my preceptorship I applied to a few hospitals for L/D positions. I was not allowed to do my preceptorship in L/D, so I did not know if I would be chosen over other students who were able to do so. I am in the Birmingham area, and there are several hospitals who will hire new grads into L/D and the pay rate is the same as other units in the same hospital. I will start in June and be making 19.56/hr for day shift. Hope this helps. If L/D is really what you enjoy, you should at least try to get a job on that unit!

I am applying for the LPN and the RN program at my college. Which do you have to have to work in L&D. Just curious because that is why I want to be a nurse!!

FroggieLiz specializes in L&D.

If you have the option between an LPN program and a BSN/ADN RN program, go for the BSN (or ADN, if that's you're only option). There are things in L&D, like IVs, PCA/Es, and OR circulating, that an LPN can't do without additional certification. So, I would say go for the RN, because it will take your further.

Good luck with your applications!

Congraduations on almost completing your nursing program!!!;) I just completed mine in May. I also want to work in L&D and have been researching Montgomery hospitals. Baptist South does take new grads in the perinatal area. Pay starts at $18/hour. Baptist East does also I think they pay the same. Hope this helps and best of luck in your nursing career.

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